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Fayette County Sheriff's Department partners with Turtle Wing Foundation for Autism Awareness

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department went all out for Autism Acceptance Month, by partnering with Turtle Wing Foundation to host an awareness campaign, with donations being raised to Sponsor a Deputy for them to receive a special blue Autism Acceptance badge for the month of April. Any leftover funds were then donated to Turtle Wing Foundation. This is truly an example of spreading not only Autism Awareness, but promoting Autism Acceptance within the community. Pictured is The Fayette County Sheriff's Department presenting Executive Director Destiny Siptak with Turtle Wing Foundation a check in the amount of $876.94, which will be used to fund vital services for children and individuals with learning challenges in our rural area. 

From left to right: Lt. David Beyer, Destiny Siptak (Turtle Wing), Sgt. Angela Lala, Inv. Marc Bennett, & Deputy Herman Olvera


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