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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turtle Wing only help children with Autism?

No – Turtle Wing was founded in memory of Jackson Allan Hooper, who was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism.  However, the mission of Turtle Wing is to help all children within our service area who face learning challenges.  This might mean a child who has Autism, a child who has Down Syndrome, a child who has learning or other developmental disabilities, or a child who is simply is struggling with reading


Who can apply for Turtle Wing scholarships?

If a family has a child with a learning challenge and it is difficult for them to afford the necessary supplemental services that their child needs in order to maximize their development and reach for goals realistic for their unique needs, then the family should apply.  Applications are available on the web site and from approved local providers.


Which communities does Turtle Wing serve?

The primary service area for Turtle Wing is Fayette, Lavaca & Colorado counties.  Exceptions may be made beyond those borders if services are unavailable in the rural community the child resides in and it is more practical for them to drive to one of our approved local providers rather than drive to a provider in a metro market.


What therapies will Turtle Wing consider assisting with?

  • ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Vision Therapy

  • Academic Coaching

  • Social Skills Coaching

  • Executive Skills Coaching

  • Counseling

  • HippoTherapy

  • Aged-Out Services

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