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Turtle Wing Begins its 13th Year

As Turtle Wing Foundation's 12th year comes to a close, we felt it important to give an update on the foundations endeavors. With the mission of “helping individuals with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential by providing access to a shared network of emotional, educational, and therapeutic resources”, the year has been one of true growth. From additional programs and providers, to serving more families, the foundation has worked every day to make sure that no family goes unassisted.

If you’re unfamiliar with Turtle Wing, the foundation serves as a resource hub, connecting families who have children with learning challenges with the services and support they require to be successful. Not only does Turtle Wing serve as a bridge to the many providers in our communities, the bulk of funds are used to help families afford the services. From therapeutic, to educational, to recreational services, Turtle Wing aims to provide a wrap around approach to the families in Fayette, Lavaca, and Colorado counties. Some data from this past fiscal year:

  • Total individuals who received direct services: 323

  • Direct Services Programs: 46

  • Families in Parent Support Network: 1074

  • Turtle Wing Fully or Partially Funded:

    • Therapy Sessions: 3,583

    • Tutoring Sessions: 553

    • Social Skills sessions: 306

    • Afterschool programs, counseling, & family outings: 787

    • Continuing Education Hours for Local Daycare and teaching staff: 317.5

Turtle Wing Foundation strives to create a culture of hope and acceptance in the rural area, and the foundation looks forward to the future!

Turtle Wing Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. To receive more information about the foundation, contribute to our mission, or to have a Turtle Wing representative come speak to your civic organization, contact Executive Director Destiny Psencik at 979-505-5090 or . More information can be found on our Facebook page @TurtleWingFoundation

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Ilsay Stone
Ilsay Stone
Oct 05, 2023

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