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Turtle Wing to Provide Respite Opportunities Partnered with Social Skills Fun

We all need time to recharge our batteries. Getting a few moments to exercise, reading a book, seeing a movie, spending time alone with a partner, or just going to the grocery store by ourselves will really help us manage stress. But when you’re the main caregiver for your child, those precious minutes can be hard to come by. It might be hard to allow ourselves to take time away from our families. It can be hard to find a qualified person to give care. Even if you find a great caregiver, it can be hard to trust someone else with your child. And it might be hard to figure out how to pay for it. Navigate Life Texas, which provides resources for families of kids with disabilities and special healthcare needs, emphasizes that taking this respite – or break from your usual time taking care of your child – is especially important when you’re the main caregiver. Mental health professionals and counselors recommend respite for parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs. And, in the end, your child might just thank you for taking the time to recharge. Benefits of respite include: 

· If you don’t take care of your own needs, you will have a much harder time taking care of your child.

· Respite care reduces your stress levels and the risk of burnout.

· Having time to spend alone with your partner or your other children helps your whole family have better relationships with each other.

· It’s very easy for us to let our own health suffer while we care for our children. Respite is important for taking care of our physical and mental health.

· Caring for a child with a disability or special health care needs is much more than a 40-hour-a-week job. You deserve some time off!

Turtle Wing foundation is providing two opportunities for respite for members of their Parent Support Network on Friday, June 14. For children pre-K through 8th grade, there will be a Splash Bash from 7-9 PM at the Randolph Recreation Center Splash Pad in La Grange (653 E. Pearl St.). Pizza and water will be provided along with guided social skills fun. This is a closed event and parents may drop their children, prepared with their swim attire, towel and a change of clothing. To RSVP contact Dawn McMillan at (512)790-0951 or Concurrently, And Then will be providing an opportunity for older children who are high school age or older from 6-9 PM. This gathering is called “Hang Out with Hannah” and will be held at 411 Anderson St. in Schulenburg. This is an informal opportunity and dinner, drinks and entertainment will be provided. To RSVP contact Hannah Fogle at 979-997-6712 or There is no charge for either of these gatherings thanks to a grant from Second Chance Emporium. Turtle Wing’s mission is to “help children with learning challenges in rural areas with learning challenges achieve their full potential”. The foundation serves youth in Fayette, Lavaca, Colorado and surrounding counties. For more information on Turtle Wing programming or to volunteer contact managing director, Susie Shank, at (979)505-5090 or


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