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Turtle Wing Offering Free Vision Screeners

The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy and Turtle Wing Foundation are teaming up to provide complimentary Vision and Learning screeners for kids of all ages. Many people do not realize that 20/20 vision does not guarantee an effective visual system. 1 in 4 kids have an underlying visual deficiency that is keeping them from reaching their full potential in the classroom. When considering special populations, including children with dyslexia, this number increases to 3 in 4 kids. Common signs and symptoms include reversals, reduced reading speed and comprehension, headaches, and poor spelling. The free screeners will be provided at the Turtle Wing office meeting room starting at 10 AM on Monday, December 6th, 2021. Appointments are required. To schedule your free screener, contact the Turtle Wing office at 979-505-5090 or e-mail The office is located at 1203 S. Kessler Avenue, suite 201 in Schulenburg (next to On Pointe Dance Studio). Turtle Wing Foundation’s mission is helping individuals with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential by providing access to a shared network of emotional, education, and therapeutic resources. Turtle Wing supports individuals and families primarily from Colorado, Fayette, and Lavaca counties with academic, social-emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs. To learn more about Turtle Wing Foundation follow us on Facebook @turtlewingfoundation.


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