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Turtle Wing Invites Youth to Gear up for Back-to-School At 3rd Annual Camp Independence

As youth with learning and attention issues get older, there’s a lot that parents (and schools) can do to help develop the skills needed for independent living. Skill sets can be developed through early introduction to the tools needed. What may seem very basic to some must really be taught, practiced and reinforced for others to develop the good habits necessary for independence. Turtle Wing Foundation, with the assistance of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension/Fayette County, will be holding Camp Independence which will focus on some key areas critical to help returning back to school be a smoother transition. Skills to be workshopped will incorporate microwave safety and some healthy snack and lunch tips and preparation, oral hygiene, social skills and communicating needs with both school staff and parents at home. Camp Independence will be held on Monday, July 30, from 10 AM – 2 PM at the Fayette County Ag Building Training Room (255 Svoboda Ln., La Grange). Instructors, Sally Garrett and Kayla Kaspar, have hands-on, interactive lessons planned that will be appropriate for students 8 years of age or older. This program is being underwritten by a grant from Second Chance Emporium so there is no fee to participate. These classes are open to any interested student interested in learning skills that will help them function more independently. Additionally, participants with social skills, communication, sensory, and behavioural needs who can function in a group are encouraged to attend. Turtle Wing’s mission is to “help children with learning challenges in rural areas with learning challenges achieve their full potential”. The foundation serves youth in Fayette, Lavaca, Colorado and surrounding counties. To register for Camp Independence or for more information on the foundation contact Turtle Wing managing director, Susie Shank at 979-505-5090 or


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