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Sparklight Awards Grant to Turtle Wing Foundation

Turtle Wing Foundation recently received a $5,000 grant from Sparklight Charitable Giving Fund. Turtle Wing was 1 of only 6 recipients in the state of Texas for the spring round of grants, and 1 of 25 total grants awarded across Sparklights 24 states covered. The funds will be used for inclusive afterschool programs such as tutoring, inclusive dance, inclusive taekwondo, and art classes for individuals with learning challenges. Turtle Wing would like to thank Sparklight for their support of and belief in our mission and services in rural Texas.

Pictured from Left to Right:

Gloria Rodriquez (Sparklight Representative), Kim Miori (Program Director - Turtle Wing), John Kubos (Sparklight Representative), Destiny Psencik (Executive Director - Turtle Wing), DeeAnn Hooper (Founder/President - Turtle Wing), Martin Schooley (Sparklight Representative), and Melinda Gutierrez (Sparklight Representative)


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