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Second Chance Emporium Donates Towards Turtle Wing’s Social Skills Programming

Turtle Wing Foundation has been “helping children with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential” since 2011, providing services to families in Fayette, Lavaca, Colorado and surrounding counties. One of the more popular programs is the Social Skills Outing Groups. Second Chance Emporium adopted this program from the beginning, and because of their support Turtle Wing has been able to expand the groups to include the Turtle Sliders (PreK-2nd grade), Turtle Tweens (3rd-8th grade), Turtle Teens (high school) and the Aged-Out Program for young adults until they are 30 years of age. This is an opportunity for Social Skills Training which incorporates a monthly outing that provides a chance for children with social skills needs to spend a Saturday participating in fun activities, working on social skills, and establishing and maintaining friendships. The facilitator provides a lesson and is available for coaching during the outings. The social skills coaching portion of the program is fully underwritten by Turtle Wing Foundation thanks to a continued grant from Second Chance Emporium, which recently donated $7500 for the 2021 schedule. Participants with social skills, communication, sensory, and behavioural needs who can function in a group of up to 12 children are encouraged to attend. At times participants will be encouraged to invite a friend to help provide balance to the interactions. Interested families should contact Susie Shank, Turtle Wing Foundation managing director, at 979-505-5090 or For information on Turtle Wing’s early intervention, supplemental services and community education & outreach activities visit or follow them on Facebook @turtlewingfoundation.

Second Chance Emporium (Fayette Resale Inc.) is a non-profit resale shop in LaGrange, Texas serving all of Fayette County. They are run by a coalition of seven local churches representing different denominations. The majority of the work is performed by unpaid volunteers from the member churches, as well as the community at large. These churches receive no monies or in-kind donations from Second Chance for the service hours their parishioners donate. Second Chance accepts donations of clothing, shoes, household goods, furniture, etc., in good, working, usable condition from the public, and resells items at very low prices in order to benefit the underprivileged members of our community. Profits from the sale of these items are distributed to local charities, which have applied for funding and been selected by the Second Chance Emporium's Board of Directors. For more information on Second Chance Emporium, contact 979-968-6070.

Photo: (L-R): Gayle Schielack - shop director, Julia Thomas - assistant shop director, Phyllis Fritsch – Turtle Wing Community Outreach Coordinator, Judy Otto, Sandy Flagg


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