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On Pointe Dance Studio to Partner with Turtle Wing for Inclusive Dance Classes

Dancing is such a freeing activity. The music frees your spirit. The movement frees your body. The creativity frees your thoughts. Dancing can be fun as well as it is a structured discipline. All of these components will be integrated as Turtle Wing Foundation partners with On Pointe Dance Studio for the first time. Newly opened, On Pointe offers ballet, classes where they will experiment with a variety of disciplines, yoga, barre/pilates and art. Owner Nina Gorman reached out to Turtle Wing having familiarity with the foundations efforts to “help children with learning challenges in rural areas with learning challenges achieve their full potential”. Nina very generously offered to expand her services to include Turtle Wing families who may not have the opportunity to experience dance class in a traditional setting. There will be two classes offered that will be underwritten by Turtle Wing to help make it more affordable for their families. On Wednesdays beginning in October there will be a Mommy & Me class (minimum age of child is 18 months) offered at 9 AM. Additionally at 5:30 PM there will be an inclusive dance class for children of all ages including young adults. A variety of dance styles and movement will be incorporated. Beginning dancers are welcome! On Pointe studio is at 1201 Kessler Avenue in Schulenburg. To register please visit and look for the Dancing Turtles link. Turtle Wing if very grateful to Mrs. Gorman for her interest in serving those who might otherwise not have the chance to participate. She will be incorporating some strategies from the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance which uses rhythm and hip hop dance to assist in achieving goals across the 5 developmental domains. For more information visit the On Pointe website or contact Nina Gorman at (979) 803-2088. Turtle Wing Foundation serves youth in Fayette, Lavaca, Colorado and surrounding counties. For more information on the foundation contact Turtle Wing managing director, Susie Shank at 979-505-5090 or


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