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Moulton High School Student Council Donates to Turtle Wing Foundation

The Moulton High School Student Council picks a special project each year, and this year they chose Turtle Wing Foundation. To help raise funds to support Turtle Wing’s mission of “helping children with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential” in their local community, the students hosted a Game Night. Elementary students participated, having fun with the StuCo representatives playing games and giving their parents a night off. There was a small admission fee and concession stand, allowing the MISD Stu Co to donate $454 to Turtle Wing. They hope to continue this event next year and learn more about how they can support their fellow MISD students who have learning challenges. Turtle Wing was honored to have been chosen and hopes that this helps grow the number of families in Lavaca County who become part of the Turtle Wing Parent Support Network. Last fiscal year, only 13% of the students being served by Turtle Wing resided in Lavaca County. The foundation hopes to grow these numbers by doing more community outreach and education in the area to encourage families to reach out and help their children “grow wings and fly” with the support of Turtle Wing programming. Turtle Wing’s service area includes Colorado, Fayette, Lavaca and surrounding counties. Turtle Wing Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization which helps children with academic, social-emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs. Many still believe it is just for children with autism, but it is much more! To learn more about Turtle Wing Foundation, contact Susie Shank at (979)505-5090, “like” their page on Facebook or visit

Picture:  (l) Hope Kirkland/MISD Stu Co reporter for 20/21 presents $454 to (r) Turtle Wing Foundation Managing Director, Susie Shank.


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