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Envision the Best Life Workshops

Turtle Wing Foundation’s success in helping children with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential counts on their collaboration with a number of high quality providers who are specialists and leaders in their field. One of these providers is And Then. And Then works with families to provide custom tailored life, work, and social environments for aged out individuals with learning challenges that are tailored to their personal strengths, interests, and hobbies. They work with local businesses and agencies to provide these services and foster their presence within the community allowing others to see that anyone can reach their full potential when we see the value in their abilities. Building social connections with others is a struggle for people with autism or other learning challenges. Their friendships are likely to follow their developmental stage, rather than their age in years. This means they might be less interested in the social and emotional side of friendships than typically developing teenagers. Their friendships might be based more on shared interest then feelings. They don’t always know how to facilitate that friendship, so by creating opportunities for them, it will help not only make social connections and foster friendships with others, but it will help teach the social and emotional skills they need to live a fulfilled life. This social connection group will benefit the community by helping these individuals increase their skill set and be a productive member of our community. This includes goal setting. There will be an “Envision the Best Life” workshop for young adults 15-25 on Saturday, February 9 from 9 AM – 12 PM in Schulenburg (411 Anderson St.). Attendees will workshop goal setting across all aspects of their life and create a picture collage to attract positivity to their life. There will also be an opportunity for moms and guardians to “Envision the Best Life” on Friday, February 8 from 7 PM – 9 PM at the same location. There is a small fee to participate, however scholarships are available to Turtle Wing families when requested. Interested parties should contact Erin Wotipka at or 979-966-7402. This program is being underwritten by a grant from Second Chance Emporium. Turtle Wing offers programming in Early Intervention, Supplemental Services and Community Education & Advocacy supporting individuals and families primarily from Colorado, Fayette, and Lavaca counties with academic, social-emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs. For more information on the foundation contact Turtle Wing managing director, Susie Shank at 979-505-5090 or


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