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Tri-County Officially Recognizes April as Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month

Turtle Wing Foundation is excited to announce that April is officially recognized as Autism Awareness / Acceptance Month in 3 counties: Fayette, Lavaca and Colorado.

We are beyond honored at this achievement and being officially recognized by our community. It is a huge milestone towards our goal of helping individuals “fly” academically, socially, and spiritually by spreading that awareness.

We can't wait to kick off Autism Acceptance Month beginning April 1. Be on the lookout for our Autism Acceptance Exhibits located at the courthouses for the month of April.

Schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Fayette County Courthouse

Week 2: Lavaca County Courthouse

Week 3: Colorado County Courthouse.

Pictured below is our Executive Director, Destiny Psencik being presented the official proclamation in the three courthouses with their respective commissioners.

For more information, reach out at


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