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The 12th Annual Turtle Wing Toast was a Success!

Community members, donors, volunteers, board, families, and those who wanted to learn more about Turtle Wing Foundation gathered at Sengelmann Hall on Thursday, January 26th to "Remember, Rejoice, & Renew" with Turtle Wing Foundation.

This year's theme was "The Art of Turtle Wing", and showcased how Turtle Wing individuals have learned to express themselves and "grow wings" through the arts! Special performances by the Dancing Turtles & Ninja Turtles, inclusive dance & taekwondo classes through On Pointe Dance Studio, were a huge hit. Art created by Turtle Wing kids through the foundation partnership with Arts for Rural Texas were also on display throughout the venue!

We are so happy to be able to "remember" where the foundation came from, "rejoice" in the foundations accomplishments, and "renew" our mission and drive to continue changing lives, with so many members of our wonderful communities that we serve!

Turtle Wing Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of helping individuals with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential. To donate, learn more about the foundation and its programs, or to have a Turtle Wing representative come speak to your civic organization, please reach out to Executive Director Destiny Psencik at or call 979-505-5090

Dancing Turtles: Programming consisted of performances by the "Dancing Turtles" & "Ninja Turtles". Pictured: Dancing Turtles (From L to R) - Presley, Eleanor, Jessica, Rowan, Emma, Emilie, & Joelle

Ninja Turtles Aaron & Michael: Ninja Turtle Aaron & Michael gave their best ninja poses in front of the "grow wings & fly" artwork! All of the feathers on the wings were decorated by Turtle Wing individuals!

Full House: Sengelmann Hall was filled with celebration!


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