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Summer Programs offered by Turtle Wing Foundation

It's a busy summer for Turtle Wing Foundation, with many opportunities to learn, grow, and play for our Turtle Wing families as well as educational professionals and daycare staff in the local area.


  • Arts for Rural Texas Turtle Wing Kids camp will be held at the Schulenburg ARTS campus June 26th-30th. For ages 6-10 the camp will be held from 10am-12pm. For ages 10-10-15 the camp will be held from 1pm-3pm.

  • Full Circle Whole Child Social Skills camp will be held at the Turtle Wing offices in Schulenburg at 1203 Kessler Ave. Camp includes coping skills/self regulation, self-esteem building, friendships/empathy, and dealing with bullying. The camp will be July 18th-21st from 10am-12pm. This camp is FREE due to the underwriting by Turtle Wing (with the help of grants from Second Chance Emporium and La grange Knights of Columbus)

  • Stephs New Leaf Art Program for Turtle Wing Kids will be held at the Randolf Recreation Center in La Grange on July 10, 12, & 14 from 1-3 pm each day. Students will create prints and paint a variety of fun projects. Due to underwriting by Turtle Wing, total camp cost for all three days is $15.

  • Lastly, a fun family outing (and a great opportunity to meet other families in the Turtle Wing Parent Support Network) will be held at Wolters Park in Schulenburg on June 25th from 2-4 pm. The Texas Zoo will be bringing some zoo animals, and there will also be crafts, face painting, and fun snacks! This is a FREE opportunity.

What makes these programs for "Turtle Wing Families"?

  • These programs are specifically for those who may have learning challenges (autism, ADHD, OD, sensory processing, etc.) or would just benefit from a smaller class size, more one-on-one assistance, and an environment catered to the needs of the individual, meaning a more "inclusive" atmosphere!

For any questions and for registration links to sign up for these programs, please reach out to Turtle Wing Foundation by calling 979-505-5090, or emailing Kim at Please contact to reserve your spot, as classes have already begun filling up!

Turtle Wing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, relying on the generosity of our communities to be able to continue to serve those with learning challenges in our rural area. If you have a child with special needs and would like to join our support network, please reach out. If you would like a Turtle Wing representative to come speak to your civic organization or group, or to make a contribution to our mission, please reach out to Executive Director Destiny Psencik at


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