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Turtle Wing Foundation Awards 5 $1,000 Scholarships

Every year, Turtle Wing Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors (from Fayette, Lavaca, & Colorado counties) pursuing college and/or a trade school. The three scholarship categories are:

  • Jack Hooper Memorial Scholarship: awarded to a student who has exhibited the qualities of Acceptance, Kindness, Inclusion, and Service. This might be through volunteerism, work, or life experiences.

  • Give Wings Scholarship: this applicant must be pursuing an education that will lead them to working with children with learning challenges in some way.

  • Grow Wings: this applicant must be actively participating in Special Education or following a 504 Plan.

With over 80 applications, the scholarship committee had to make very tough decisions, and ultimately decided to do 2 additional scholarships this year (the foundation usually only awards 3) due to the high need and amazing submissions.

This year, Turtle Wing was able to give out 5 scholarships.

Jack Hooper Memorial Scholarship Winner: Grant Kubala (Schulenburg Highschool)

Grow Wings Scholarship Winners: Waylon Schimcek (Weimar Highschool), Colt Freytag (Flatonia Highschool), & Alessia Martinez (Rice Highschool)

Give Wings Scholarship Winner: Jacob Seibert (St. Paul Shiner Highschool)

Pictured: From left to Right: Kim Miori (Programs Director, Turtle Wing), Becca Edmiston (Turtle Wing Board Member & Scholarship Committee Member), Destiny Psencik (Executive Director, Turtle Wing), Waylon Schimcek (Grow Wings Winner), Colt Freytag (Grow Wings Winner), Alessia Martinez (Grow Wings Winner), Grant Kubala (Jack Hooper Memorial Winner), Kari Tummis (Turtle Wing Board Member and Scholarship Committee Winner), Gigi Marburger (Founders Circle Member and Scholarship Committee Chair), & DeeAnn Hooper (Founder & President, Turtle Wing) Not pictured: Jacob Seibert (Give Wings scholarship winner)


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