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Main menu Post navigation Interview with Nancy and Susan Today’s interview is with Nancy Ziegler and Susan Flanagan, two of the leading figures in Teenage Medicine, an oral history of teenage medicine in New York City between 1976 and 1983. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. CW: What were your first impressions of the subject? Ziegler: When I first came to the subject, I came in with a group of photographers, that’s how it came to my attention. I had never thought of it in that way. It was much more like: “Gee, I wonder how many other people have looked at this.” I didn’t know anything about a movement, or a whole set of people, or the time period, or anything about it. So, it was a little bit like meeting people and realizing that there were many, many people who had gone through this experience. In this little area of history. Flanagan: My first impression was that it was something special. I was still teaching part time, and I was very concerned about the health and safety of my students in school. And of all the subjects that I was studying in the field of health education and the field of medicine, I knew very little about teenage medicine. That was the first time I had ever been interested in such a topic. It came out of curiosity, because I was quite concerned about the health and safety of the students I taught. Ziegler: I had no idea how many other people there were who had been through this, but I knew in my own mind that there was a set of people, this tiny little group of people, that were looking at it with me. CW: Do you remember how many participants there were in the early days? Ziegler: I can’t say exactly, but I’d say it was small. Flanagan: We didn’t really know how many people were in this. But it’s true that a small number of people came forward, and I certainly didn’t think we were in that tiny minority. I was wrong. CW: How did you get the idea for this project in the first place? Flanagan: We met while working for a New York City newspaper. I was working for the New York Daily News and, on Fridays, they



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Smokevision Skool Daze

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