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Art Show at The Gallery at the Old Stanzel Continues through May 15, 2021

Turtle Wing was honored to hold their first art opening on April 10th at The Gallery at the Old Stanzel (1203 S. Kessler Avenue in Schulenburg). With the support of Arts for Rural Texas and the Gorman family, attendees were treated to a very special evening of EcoImpressionism art featuring Grant Manier, chamber music and dance. In January, Turtle Wing relocated their offices next to the On Pointe Dance Studio in a building that used to be part of the old Stanzel model airplane factory. When originally designed, the main hallway of the now multi-use business building was constructed and decorated to feature art. Affiliated with the dance studio, the arts were a theme to be carried throughout the campus. Turtle Wing arranged for a special art show to finally highlight the space and share the talents of artist and friend of the foundation, Grant Manier, who also has autism. This show shares the theme of Autism Acceptance Month which is “Different, Not Less!”

Those in attendance were treated to "light bites" by Callisto Culinary, wine from Majek Vineyard, music by DIVISI Strings from Houston, and a feature performance with live music by Turtle Wing’s special needs inclusive dance class, The Dancing Turtles. Grant’s show and merchandise will remain at The Gallery at the Old Stanzel through May 15, 2021. The art is available for viewing 8 AM - 6 PM during weekdays, or for a tour and the opportunity to purchase Grant’s originals and merchandise the hours are limited to 9 AM -3 PM during weekdays or by appointment.

Since bringing his art to the public as a teenager, Grant has grown into a successful young man, artist, illustrator, and special needs advocate. For those who have met Grant when he collaborated with Turtle Wing Foundation in the past, this is your chance to see his amazing inventory of originals in their full glory and learn about his unique Eco-Art style. To learn more about Grant Manier visit

Turtle Wing Foundation has been providing Early Intervention, Supplemental Services and Community Education & Advocacy programming to children and families with academic, social-emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs since 2012. Annually, over 300 children are receiving direct services with thousands more benefiting indirectly through education and advocacy work. For more information or to schedule Turtle Wing to come visit with your organization contact Susie Shank at (979)505-5090, visit the Turtle Wing Facebook page @turtlewingfoundation, or the website



Dancing Turtles receive ovation

(L-R) Susie Shank/Turtle Wing Managing Director, Grant Manier/featured artist, Todd Gorman/owner of The Gallery at the Old Stanzel


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